Zanzibar Amber Resort Zanzibar Amber Resort
Zanzibar Amber Resort


Zanzibar Amber Resort - An Introduction

With construction already underway and the first phase to be completed in 2020, the resort is set to change the face of Tanzanian tourism as we know it through offering sustainable, world class facilities and the social upliftment of Zanzibar.

Stretching across 1520 hectares of the Indian Ocean coastline, the development will host an exclusive portfolio of five international hotels and over water lodges to choose from with first-time purchasing opportunities of Villas and Luxury Apartments for non-residents.

Zanzibar Amber Resort - Saleh Said (Managing Director) - Interview

Saleh Said, Director of Pennyroyal Gibraltar and Zanzibar Amber Resort, discusses plans for the five leading international hotels, a marina, the Ernie Else Design Signature golf course and an airport. Architects drew inspiration from Stone Town, Dubai and Uman to develop designs that will work for the resort. Saleh discusses the huge employment opportunities that will be made available through the resort and plans of making the resort a home for international conferences.

Best of Zanzibar

Best of Zanzibar is the Corporate Social Responsibility project of the Pennyroyal Gibraltar Zanzibar Amber Resort. The initiative’s sole aim is to voluntarily safeguard the social welfare of the society, culture, communities and environment in which its’ business operates for sustainable performance.

30 Million USD has been budgeted for the next 15 years on programmes for health and sanitation and schooling programmes as well as scholarship programmes to come. Best of Zanzibar is committed to the upliftment of villagers through education. The aim is to see the country freed of poverty, with educated people living a healthy life.