Zanzibar Amber Resort Zanzibar Amber Resort
Zanzibar Amber Resort

Mission Statement

The aspiration commitment of Zanzibar Amber Resort is to create a World-Class beach, golf and hospitality resort of the highest standards and impeccable environmental credentials. Local tradition and construction techniques will be honoured during the development process and pro-poor initiatives with the neighbouring partner communities are already in place, in keeping with the Responsible Development mandate of the Resort. Agreements to prioritize local employment have been approved, with in-house tourism training to empower community partners in becoming active in the development process.

Zanzibar Amber Resort believes in the Three P’s of People, Planet and Profits, carefully balancing the expectations of shareholders and the premium standards of a luxury resort with the needs of the community amongst whom we live, and the finite natural resources available for fulfilling our vision.

Renewable technologies, intelligent resource management, sustainable practices and Shared Value participation feature heavily in the development's planning and operation. All leases, environmental clearances, construction permits and approvals are now in place, along with the full support of the President of Zanzibar and his Government.

With a minimised footprint - lower than any resort in the world - and a large-scale
use of renewable power and water management, amongst other eco-initiatives,
Zanzibar Amber Resort sets a new benchmark in responsible development.